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Stills in Black and White - Trumpet Concerto. Commissioned by David Bilger. Premiere of full Trumpet Concerto (trumpet /piano version), September, 2012 Elsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition – Judges Recital at West Chester University. Premiere of full Trumpet Concerto (Trumpet/Orchestra version) November, 2012 Temple University, Sinfonia Orchestra.


The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland- (for Narrator and Orchestra) Premiered June 27, 2004 by Symphony North 


Symphony No. 2 - December (2002). 


Concerto Grosso - Commissioned by Karen Wylie and Noe Marmolejo (faculty members of the University of Houston). Premiere March 2003. 


Creation of the Fifth Sun - Commissioned by the Chico Symphony Orchestra (1998). 


Concerto for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Orchestra - (2000) 


Remembrance and Farewell -(Cello Concerto) Commissioned by the Bel Rose Duo. Premiere of the Cello/piano version February 20, 1996 - University of Texas-Austin, Texas. Also performed on the SYZYGY Contemporary music Series - Rice University. 


Conversations - (Orchestral Dance Suite) Commissioned by Deborah Quinam. Premiere of the Synthesizer version May 1995 Jewish Community Center.  Finalist in the ASCAP Nissam Competition. 


The Rainmakers Helper - Commissioned by the Houston Symphony for their Sounds Like Fun Concerts. Premiere - summer of 1994. Sixteen performances throughout the summer plus Spanish Language Premiere at Jones Hall September 1994. Broadcast on KUHF Public Radio. 


Four Songs for Soprano and Orchestra - Written for Symphony North (1998). 


Symphony No. 1 - Premiered February 1991 by the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra, Rice University.    


Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra - Premiered April 1980 by Richard Nunemaker -St. Thomas University



Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra (R. Fuentes) - Commissioned by the Houston Symphony for their Sounds Like Fun concerts. Premiere – summer of 2002. Fifteen performances, 


Chanson Espagnole (C. Debussy) - Commissioned by Symphony North of Houston. Premiere - April 2002 - Mary Hines, Patti Spain - Sopranos. 


Comic Duet for Two Cats (G. Rossini) -Commissioned by Symphony North of Houston. Premiere - April 2002 - Mary Hines, Patti Spain - Sopranos. 


Cantique de Noel (A. Adam) - Commissioned by Symphony North of Houston. Premiere – December 1996. 


White Christmas (W. Kent) - Commissioned by Symphony North of Houston.  Premiere -December 1996. 


I’ll Be Home For Christmas (W. Kent) - Commissioned by Symphony North of Houston.  Premiere – December 1996. 




Nonet (Bb, Eb and Bass Clarinets) – Commissioned by Richard Nunemaker. Premiered January 4, 2009, Cullen Performance Hall. 


Duet for Two Alto Saxophones – Commissioned by Valerie Vidal and Richard Nunemaker. Premiered April 2005, Moores Opera House – Aura Contemporary Music Series. 


Formas Cambiables - (Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Cello) Written for the Quake New Music Ensemble. 2002 


Pensamientos Perfumados – (Clarinet and two Percussionists) Commissioned by the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble. Premiered 2001. Performances at Stude Concert Hall, Miller Outdoor Theater and Moores Opera House. Excerpts were broadcast on KUHF KRTS and KTRU radio stations. 


Saint Thomas Suite - Commissioned by the University of St. Thomas for their commencement. (Brass Quintet, Organ and Percussion) Premiered May 27, 2000.  


Letters From Vukovar - (Soprano, Piano, Synthesizer, two percussionists) Commissioned by Loreta Kovacic 

for a benefit concert for Croatian relief. Premiered November 24, 1998 - Houston Composers' Alliance. 


Leo's Song - (Flugelhorn, String Bass, two Percussionists) Commissioned by Leo Hernandez.  Premiered September 14, 1997 - Houston Composers' Alliance. 


¿Que? - (Saxophone and String Bass) Commissioned by Richard Nunemaker and William Black. (both are former members of the Houston Symphony)  Premiered February 2, 1997. Houston Composers' Alliance  


Karen's Follies - Commissioned by the University of Houston Saxophone Quartet. Premiered at the Houston Saxophone Symposium April 1996 - University of Houston. 


Ride The Pleasure Pain - (Brass Quintet) Commissioned by the Paragon Brass Ensemble. Premiered January 9, 1993 Houston.  


Airs and Dances for Violin and Cello - Commissioned by Dagny and Veit Wenk-Wolff  (Cellist with the Munich Philharmonic) for the retrospective exhibition of work by artist Urd von Hentig in Heidelberg, Germany, September 1991. Also performed in Norway, October 1992. 


Wailin' for Waters - Commissioned by David Waters (Bass trombonist of the Houston Symphony) for the Shepherd School Brass & Percussion Ensemble. Premiered April 1989 - Rice University.   


Trumpet Quartet - Premiered July 1988 at the International Trumpet Guild Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 



Memories (a Book of Piano Preludes) Premiered March 2009 Houston Composer’s Alliance, Cullen Hall. Live Broadcast (The Front Row) KUHF Radio. Composers Concert April 2009 St. Thomas University. 


Louie’s, Key West – (Solo Piano). Commissioned by the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble. Premiered February 2002, Performing Arts Center by pianist Edith Orloff. Broadcast on KUHF radio.  Also performed at Stude Concert Hall May 23 and Dec.13, 2002. 

Viola Sonata  - (Viola and Piano) (1994) 


Stills in Black and White - Commissioned by David Bilger (Principal Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra) for his Concert Artist Guild recital in Los Angeles, California, April 1990. International Trumpet Guild Festival in May 1991.


Variations for Piano - Premiered September 1991 by pianist Loreta Kovacic in Zagreb, Croatia.  


Suenos – (Solo Piano)  (1991). Premiered at Rice University 


Four Songs for Solo Double Bass - Premiered November 1989 at the Festival of American Contemporary Music, Rice University, Anna Cone, double bass. 


Whispers of a Moon God (Viola and Piano) - Premiered January 1988 Composers' Concert, Rice University, Anastasia Epthemian, viola. Also - November 1989 at Festival of American Contemporary Music, Houston. 


Three Preludes - (Solo piano) 1972. Premiered at the University of Houston 


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